10 Design Mistakes to Stay Away From If You Want to Have a Cozy Bedroom

The bedroom is that personal space that each family member has within a home. Everyone is free to arrange it and decorate it according to their own preferences. However, we could be making several design “mistakes” that could be preventing us from making the most of this place. That’s why there are a few golden rules or sets of recommendations you can use to design a cozy bedroom. This way you might find it easier to design a bedroom that is just as cozy as it is practical.

zgrnews has prepared a list with 10 common “mistakes” people make when designing their bedroom and what you should do instead to create a Zen-like space while still properly expressing yourself.

1. Having nightstands that are either too high or too low

When choosing a nightstand for your room, make sure it is the right size and height. You’ll want to avoid it being too big or too small and too high or too low. There’s a quick hack you can use to get this right: the only thing you need is a lamp. The ideal nightstand should be one that is big enough for you to place your lamp on without it taking up a lot of space. It’s a good idea to have it at bed height too so that you can reach the lamp easily.

2. Having a bed that is way too big for the size of your room

When buying a new bed, it’s important to take into account the size of your room and to choose one that isn’t too big. As a rule of thumb, you should leave 30 in (76 cm) around each side of the bed and at the end of the bed. However, the measurements can vary depending on the actual size of the bed.