10 Details From the Film, “Coco” That Make It One of the Best Animated Films in History

In 2017, Pixar released Coco, an intelligent and sophisticated tribute to Mexican culture. Not only does this film tell a very moving story, but it makes many people rethink their relationship with their family, so you might want to be wary of anyone who hasn’t shed at least one tear while watching this film!

zgrnews found some curious facts about this work of art that will likely make you fall even more in love with it. Check it out!

10. Things that will make you cry even more than the movie did

For example, co-director and screenwriter Adrian Molina revealed that the idea of showing Miguel watching Ernesto de la Cruz’s films to learn to play the guitar was inspired by his own experience as a child.

In fact, during his childhood in the 1990s, he recorded the episodes of a television program that motivated him to strive for a better life.

9. The title changed in Brazil.

The original title of the film is Coco (which is the name of Miguel’s beautiful grandmother, the protagonist of the film), but in Portuguese, it can be translated as “coconut” or “the fruit” or — believe it or not — “excrement.” So, to avoid confusion and to express the joyful spirit of the film, it was decided to change the title to Viva.

8. The appearance of Frida Kahlo reminds us a little of her story.

The house Frida Kahlo owned in Coyoacán was home to several exotic animals such as monkeys, which played an important role in its history. According to the artist, the monkeys in her paintings were like a portrait of the children she could never have.