10 Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Any flight can be stressful. What is normal on the ground looks absolutely different and possibly uncomfortable up in the air.

zgrnews knows what you shouldn’t do on a plane to make your trip easy and pleasant.

10. Wear contact lenses

10 Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Contacts usually make your eyes drier. Combined with the dry air inside the plane, this brings rather uncomfortable results. That’s why you’d better wear glasses or one-day lenses if you have a long flight. You will also need eye drops.

9. Stop clogged ears

10 Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Your ears become clogged while taking off and landing because of the pressure difference. The first impulse of any person is to unclog his or her ears. This method doesn’t work, but you can minimize the uncomfortable sensation in the following ways:

  • Make sucking and swallowing movements. Grown-ups can use candy or chewing gum, while a bottle of water is helpful for kids.
  • Close and open your mouth once in a while.
  • “Blow off” your ears: you should breathe in, then pinch your nose with your fingers and breathe out, like you are pushing the air through your ears. This method should be used carefully if you have allergic sniffles or a runny nose.

If your ears are still clogged, you need to visit a doctor.