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They say that matches are made in paradise and for everybody, they have made somebody. Yet, once in a while, on first look, it turns out to be clearly very hard to get a handle on that two individuals who are tremendously extraordinary to one another for a differed number of reasons, are together. They astound us, shock us and stun us, however regardless, they still duke it out with one another. Today, let us investigate ten of such couples who make certain to blow some people’s minds each time they show up together. Along these lines, here’s introducing 10 Weirdest couples you will have a hard time believing really exists.

  1. (*10*) Ahmed Muhamed and Safia Abdulleh

Ahmed Muhamed & Safia Abdulleh

Starting our rundown at number 10 are Ahmed Muhamed and Safia Abdulleh, who wedded each other in 2009. Presently, you may have speculated from its vibes, yet for the individuals who are as yet considering what is so odd about the couple is the way that there is an incredible 95 years old distinction among them. At the hour of marriage, Ahmed was 112 years of age while Safia was simply a youngster matured 17. This was Ahmed’s 6th marriage. Discussion about somebody wedding somebody the age of their incredible great father.

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