11 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

There isn’t a lot of information about the world’s youngest dictator. He doesn’t talk about his personal life, and you can find very weird things in his official biography. Your only chance to find something out about this man is to read what very observant journalists write or to read the reports from South Korean intelligence.

We at zgrnews decided to collect some interesting facts about the most unpredictable politician of modern times. Maybe he is not that scary at all?

1. His date of birth is unknown.

11  Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8 or July 6, 1982, or maybe 1983. Or maybe 1984. Why such a mystery? It is said that the leader wants to look older and more mature, so his official date of birth is 1982. But South Korean intelligence claims that Kim Jong-un was actually born 2 years later.

Anyway, he is one of the youngest leaders in the world.

2. His eyebrows are becoming shorter.

11  Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

In photos taken in different years, it is clear to see that there is something weird going on with the North Korean leader’s eyebrows: they are becoming shorter. It is believed that he has them made to look more like his father, Kim Jong-il. Of course, it’s just a theory, and it would be even stranger for Kim Jong-un to address this matter in an official statement.