14 Celebrities With an Academic Background That Goes Beyond Acting

Most people may think that if you’re famous, there is no need to study anything else — you’re a celebrity, so you’ve made it. However, there are some celebrities who think just the opposite, and for them, professional growth doesn’t end with acting. Many have gone onto getting PhDs in various fields, and some have even graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.

zgrnews wants to talk about a few celebrities who thought fame and money weren’t enough and decided to pursue academic success as well.

1. Lisa Kudrow, biologist

Lisa Kudrow is known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in the ’90s sitcom, Friends, and also appeared in productions like The Comeback and Web Therapy. But besides being an actress, she also graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. There, she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. Together with her father and other researchers, she published a scientific study on the correlation between being left-handed and cluster headaches.

2. Kristen Stewart, co-author of an article on neural style transfer

Actress Kristen Stewart rose to fame when she played Bella Swan in the Twilight saga in 2008. In addition to her acting career, she ended up graduating at home. Then, through Cornell University, Stewart co-authored a paper on the study of how to use neural style transfer. NTS is a type of software algorithm that can manipulate digital images or videos to mimic the appearance or visual style of another image in the context of film production.