25 Women Who Refused to Meet Beauty Standards and Stopped Dyeing Their Gray Hair


“My family was welcome to a wedding back in 2012 — I was hitched, had 2 children and, was 40. There was no chance I was going with dashes of dim, so I had my hair colored at a salon. It really was great I had gone in about fourteen days preceding the wedding, since when I went to wash my hair interestingly I wound up having a hypersensitive response to the leftover color. It required seven days for things to clear up. From that point forward, I’ve bid farewell to the color and am rarely thinking back!”


“I began my silver excursion quite a long while prior. My better half and I were having an easygoing discussion about ladies with silver hair… He said he wasn’t a fan. Obviously, that was the day I focused on allowing my hair to develop out! Haha! I began going dim when I was 16! So the time had come to quit unloading each one of those synthetic compounds on my head. My hair has never been this sound! Also, the spouse came around and now LOVES IT! I wish I would have done it sooner. No second thoughts!”


“While accepting the dim is just a vanity issue, it felt more than that. I have consistently put forth an attempt to look great, dress well, and stay fit and I like cosmetics and garments. These things add to my prosperity. In the event that I looked great, I felt better. It’s interwoven. Subsequently, this excursion has been intense. It required half a month to have the option to take a gander at myself in the mirror and like what I saw. I flinched a ton and stressed a lot over how I would be seen by others. Is it safe to say that i planned to vanish into the chasm of an ‘more established imperceptible lady’? Would the end be what I trusted it would be — a mane of sublime white locks? I realized I needed to ‘rock the dim look’ yet didn’t actually trust it. I’m presently on week 12 and HERE. I. AM. I’m accepting the grays and likewise, I am accepting myself. I realize this will be a long excursion however it’s mine. See you on the opposite side!”

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