7 Daily Habits That Are Killing Your Hair

If it seems like no matter how expensive your shampoo is, your hair still looks less than its best, you might want to have a closer look at your haircare routine. Something as simple as using the wrong hairband or wrapping your hair in a towel can harm your tresses and cause some serious damage in the long run. Although these mistakes are easy to make, and may seem innocent at first, they can have long-lasting consequences on your hair.

We at zgrnews are also guilty of some of these mistakes, and we decided to find out what common habits your hair will thank you for quitting.

1. You’re wearing wool.

7 Daily Habits That Are Killing Your Hair

Wool coats keep you warm in cold weather, but this material can be damaging to your hair. Wool builds up static electricity and makes your hair cling to it, which eventually leads to hair breakage. When your hair gets wet on rainy days, it becomes more fragile and breaks even more easily.

2. You’re eating tuna.

7 Daily Habits That Are Killing Your Hair

Although tuna is very nutritious and serves as a great source of many trace elements, it also contains high levels of mercury. This toxic heavy metal can cause some serious health issues, and many medical experts recommend eating tuna in moderation. Consuming mercury can also be linked to sudden-onset hair shedding, according to a study.

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