A Stylist Shows the Fashion Mistakes Most Women Make With Their Looks

Numerous ladies don’t put stock in the force of extras and periodically wind up disregarding them. Nonetheless, now and again one little detail can improve your best highlights and make them look significantly more alluring. In her blog, beautician Irina Ponyakina has outwardly shown it on herself and demonstrated that there is nothing of the sort as a triviality in style.

Together with Irina, we at zgrnews have figured out the most common fashion mistakes, pumped up our skills to combine things, and taken into account the tips that any modern woman will find useful.

Mistake #1. Too many horizontal lines

A Stylist Shows the Fashion Mistakes Most Women Make With Their Looks

They split the body into compound parts as opposed to making one bound together look. In the left photograph, it’s an untucked turtleneck, pencil skirt, and lower leg boots. The lines cut the look and break the extents. Besides, the untucked turtleneck makes the legs look more limited accordingly breaking the body extents when all is said in done. It’s not to no end why beauticians suggest wrapping up tops (pullovers, T-shirts, sweaters). Here is the thing that I’ve changed about the look:

  • Supplanted the skirt. The model I utilized in the look in the left photograph is not, at this point in style. The skirt’s length isn’t acceptable — preferably, it ought to be either over the knee, or like for my situation, beneath the knee. It would be acceptable if the skirt has an uneven base — it will help us eliminate one vertical line.
  • Gotten the turtleneck into the skirt and added a belt to the look. It reestablished extents and made the legs look longer.
  • Changed the shoes. Siphons that compare to the shade of the skin outwardly extend the legs.