10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

Back From Extinction : Step into a world where the boundaries of time blur as we witness the resurrection of magnificent creatures once thought lost forever. From the awe-inspiring woolly mammoth that could help combat climate change to the enigmatic dodo bird that may yet grace the skies again, these tales of de-extinction hold the promise of rewriting nature’s narrative. Join us on a journey of wonder as we delve into the stories of these remarkable animals that have triumphantly returned from the brink of extinction, sparking hope for a future where the past meets the present.

10. Mammoth


Imagine a world where the woolly mammoth once again roamed the Arctic tundra. These magnificent creatures, towering at 12ft tall and weighing eight tons, once formed herds across vast grasslands in Europe, Asia, and North America. The melting permafrost in the Arctic releases carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Geophysicist Dr. Sergey Zimov believes that reintroducing mammoths could help prevent permafrost thawing.

By turning the tundra back into mammoth-era grassland, mammoths would graze and disrupt the ground, allowing for deeper freezing during winter. In the summer, the layer of grass would insulate the permafrost, preventing it from melting. Texas-based company Colossal Bio sciences, led by Dr. George Church, plans to create an Arctic elephant with 1% mammoth DNA, providing hope for a unique solution to climate change.

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