What You Would Look Like Living on 7 Different Planets

Stephen Hawking once said that we only have 100 more years before we move to space. That’s a rather tight deadline because — let’s admit it — we’d have some trouble surviving in space. Even astronauts, who only spend a few hours out there, often face health problems upon returning. Most of the planets in the universe are impossible for us earthlings to live on. In fact, we’d have to evolve ourselves, like with … Read more

Why Mosquitos Sing Near Your Ears and How You Can Avoid it

While only female mosquitoes feed on human blood, both males and females can produce that pesky buzzing sound that keeps you awake at night. However, they don’t do this simply because they want to annoy you — they’ve got their own strong reasons for it. ZGRNEWS  would like to clear up some myths about “singing” mosquitoes and help you avoid them. They’re attracted to ear wax. According to research, … Read more

20 Behind-the-Scenes Photos That Show Iconic Films From a New Angle

Green screens, funny costumes with motion capture sensors, stunt doubles, and tons of makeup — our favorite films and TV shows look far from being colorful and epic during the production process. And a huge team of people has to put in a lot of effort in order for viewers to see the final result. We at ZGRNEWS like to learn how the magic of cinema is created, so we tried to unveil this secret … Read more

20+ Facts About Cats That Show These Fluffies From an Unexpected Side

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat-looking Goddess Bastet and seem to have passed the baton for adoring these purring 4-legged creatures to us. The entire internet continues to watch every move cats make and every funny thing they do. But what do we really know about cats? Are they as simple as they seem? We at zgrnews are in love with kitties that’s why we’ve decided to do a little investigation. Most cats … Read more

What Types of Animals Can Swim Into Your Toilet, and How to Stop It From Happening

Crossing paths with horrifying uninvited guests, such as rats or snakes, is bad enough on its own, which is a sentiment we can all likely get behind. However, the situation sometimes turns into a real-life horror movie when this happens in your own toilet. Here at ZGRNEWS, we want you to be certain that such misfortune will never become a part of your life, which is why we’ve prepared some information … Read more

19 Epic Moments Only Moms and Dads Can Relate To

Once a man posted a strange collage on Twitter and wrote that he and his wife had been saving up to pay for a football match. But when they started to look for their envelope with $1,060 in it they just couldn’t find it anywhere. Turned out their 2-year-old son had put the envelope with their money into a shredder. Fortunately, the couple’s favorite football team found out … Read more

15+ Comparisons That Prove the Casting Team for Netflix’s “The Crown” Deserves a Raise

In bringing the charisma of Lady Diana Spencer to life, Netflix’s The Crown is taking the world by storm. Not only are the costumes creating some buzz, but it is also the historical accuracy of the show that makes it a delight to watch. ZGRNEWS has put together a side-by-side comparison of the actors with the historical figures they are playing. Try to find the differences. 1. Emma Corrin as Princess Diana 2. Josh O’Connor … Read more

A Mom of 2 Documents the Hairstyles That She Does for Her Kids, and We Can’t Help but Be in Awe

A Mom of 2 Documents the Hairstyles That She Does for Her Kids, and We Can’t Help but Be in Awe

Braid patterns were first used long ago as a part of tribal customs in Africa. They could indicate a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, and social position. And in some cases, braids were a form of survival. Nowadays, braids have become a complex element that adds special vigor to any hairstyle. Mariya Bobroy, a mom of 2 girls, has become somewhat obsessed with this art, and now she … Read more

16 Bathrooms That Made Us Scream, “What Were These Designers Thinking!?”

For many, the bathroom is the perfect place to take a break from life and just chill for a few minutes without anyone annoying you. Most of the time, it’s a clean and safe space where nothing can really go wrong — well, at least not at first sight. But after looking at some of the pictures people are sharing online, we had to question everything we knew about bathrooms. … Read more

What Your Favorite Disney Stars Look Like Today

Whether it`s Zack and Cody living in a luxurious hotel, or Hannah Montana with her super cool double life — the Disney Channel certainly knew how to keep us glued to the TV screen. They were a major part of our lives, but we grew older, and the actors grew older too. We at ZGRNEWS love the Disney Channel for the amazing shows and movies that it brought to us. And … Read more