The 5 Best Universities To Pursue An MBA In The USA.

Pursuing an MBA can be a great way to advance your career and increase earning potential. There are a wide array of universities in the US offering MBA programs; finding your ideal match may seem like an overwhelming task; however, here are a few that offer some of the finest MBA offerings available.

From Ivy League universities to public universities, each of the top 5 universities for MBA studies offer distinctive advantages that may prove helpful for certain students. From prestige programs and affordability measures to fast track programs and acceleration processes – there is something suitable out there to meet all your needs! Check out these 5 great institutions offering MBA studies in America in order to discover your perfect match.

Best Universities To Pursue An MBA In The USA:-

1. Harvard University

Harvard University
Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the world’s best-known and esteemed institutions, founded in 1636. Boasting an excellent history of education, Harvard offers two accelerated two-year MBA programs through Harvard Business School; these highly selective two-year accelerated MBAs accept 10% applicants. Each of these 2-year accelerated programs features four core courses, electives courses, a large capstone project and an optional third year residency program.

Harvard offers students the option of specializing in one area through their 2-year MBA program, which offers part-time options suitable for working professionals requiring full-time jobs during study. Although Harvard is known as one of the more expensive universities worldwide, their generous financial aid programs make studying at this renowned school possible. Also beneficial are part-time MBA options offered over longer than two years to keep full-time employment while taking their studies further.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University
Stanford University

Stanford University stands out as one of the premier institutions worldwide and offers one of the premier MBA programs available today through their Graduate School of Business (GSB). Their MBA program accepts about 10% of applicants with generous financial aid packages available. They consist of core classes, electives and culminate with a large capstone project for completion.

Students pursuing an MBA degree at Stanford may select their area of specialization and focus. The Stanford MBA program is offered both full-time on campus and part-time online, and due to being one of the most expensive universities, in addition to tuition students should expect additional costs such as room, food, and other living expenses.

3. University Of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania boasts one of the premier MBA programs available today. Their highly selective admission rate of around 12% makes their MBA program one of the premier options available, including three core classes, electives and capstone project courses as well as specialization options available to them.

The University of Pennsylvania MBA program offers full-time on campus and part-time online options, making it one of the nation’s premier and selective institutions. Although expensive to attend, generous financial aid packages are available through this school.

4. University Of Chicago

University of Chicago
University of Chicago

University of Chicago The University of Chicago boasts one of the premier MBA programs available today through their Booth School of Business (BSB). Their highly selective admission rate stands at only 11%; 3 core classes, electives, and a capstone project comprise the University of Chicago MBA curriculum.

Students pursuing the University of Chicago MBA program have the choice to specialize in one area or concentrate in several. Full-time on-campus or part-time online options are available, making the University of Chicago both one of the country’s premier institutions and one of its more expensive educational choices.

5. Northwestern University

Northwestern University boasts one of the top MBA programs in the United States through its Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. Their 3-year Kellogg MBA program boasts an acceptance rate of around 11%; with an extensive curriculum featuring elective options and opportunities to specialize in various concentrations.

Kellogg MBA programs at Northwestern are among the most expensive MBA programs, so students should expect to pay significant sums in tuition, room and food fees.

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There are numerous excellent universities for pursuing an MBA, but it is essential that the program fits your interests and career aspirations. A top-ranked university may be ideal if your focus is pursuing high-paying careers; alternatively, lesser known schools might provide more specialized programming that fits better with your unique requirements. When making your choice it is also important to take costs into consideration; cheaper programs could be ideal for students requiring financial aid.