Bollywood Takes on Summer Fashion: Here Are Multiple Ways You Can Join In!

Bollywood Takes on Summer Fashion Summer is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and embrace the latest fashion trends. And who better to turn to for inspiration than the glamorous Bollywood divas? From crop tops to maxi dresses, Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Rani Mukerji, and Shanaya Kapoor are setting the stage on fire with their fashionable summer outfits.

If you want to add a touch of Bollywood-inspired style to your summer wardrobe, you’re in luck. In this article, we will explore multiple ways you can join in on the summer fashion frenzy. Whether you’re looking for outfit ideas or fashion inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

Key Takeaways:

  • Get inspired by Bollywood divas like Kareena Kapoor and Kriti Sanon for the perfect summer outfits.
  • Explore trendy and chic crop tops paired with high-waisted bottoms for a glamorous look.
  • Add a touch of elegance and grace to your summer wardrobe with flowy maxi dresses.
  • Reinvent the traditional saree with a modern twist inspired by Deepika Padukone and Rani Mukerji.
  • Look effortlessly chic and stylish with midi dresses and bold statement earrings.

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Crop Tops and High-Waisted Bottoms

When it comes to summer fashion, Bollywood serves as a major source of inspiration. One popular trend that has taken center stage is the combination of crop tops and high-waisted bottoms. Leading actresses like Kriti Sanon, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, and Alia Bhatt have effortlessly embraced this chic and trendy style.

Crop tops are known for their versatility and ability to create fashionable looks for any occasion. Whether it’s pairing a crop top with high-waisted shorts, skirts, or trousers, this combination accentuates the figure and adds a touch of glamour to your summer outfits.

What sets Bollywood-inspired summer fashion apart is the use of breathable fabrics and bold prints. Celebrities like Kriti Sanon often opt for lightweight and breathable materials that keep them cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

“I love how crop tops and high-waisted bottoms can be effortlessly styled for both casual and formal events. They add a trendy and chic touch to any outfit.” – Kriti Sanon

To achieve a trendy and Bollywood-inspired look, consider experimenting with bold prints and vibrant colors. Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Panday are often seen embracing vibrant patterns that make a bold fashion statement.

Bollywood Celebrities Rocking the Crop Top and High-Waisted Bottom Trend

Actress Crop Top and High-Waisted Bottom Look
Kriti Sanon
Janhvi Kapoor
Ananya Panday Ananya Panday Crop Top and High-Waisted Bottom Look
Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt Crop Top and High-Waisted Bottom Look

Take inspiration from these Bollywood actors and experiment with different styles, patterns, and colors to create your own trendy and chic summer outfits. Remember to choose breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort while staying fashion-forward.

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Maxi Dresses for a Breezy and Glamorous Look

Maxi dresses are the epitome of summer fashion and have become a staple in the wardrobes of Bollywood celebrities. Embracing the flowy and glamorous nature of these dresses, stars like Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt have been spotted donning stunning maxi dress ensembles that exude elegance and charm.

When it comes to summer fashion trends, Bollywood-inspired maxi dresses are a must-have item. Not only are they effortlessly stylish, but they also offer comfort and versatility for hot weather. Made from breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, georgette, and chiffon, maxi dresses allow for easy movement and ensure you stay cool throughout the day.

What sets Bollywood maxi dresses apart are the captivating prints and bold colors they feature. From vibrant floral designs to eye-catching patterns, these dresses make a statement and reflect the playful and confident nature of Bollywood fashion. Whether you’re attending a casual outing or a glamorous event, a printed maxi dress is guaranteed to turn heads and make you feel like a true Bollywood diva.

To give you a glimpse of the glamorous maxi dress looks sported by Bollywood celebrities, here are a few examples:

Maxi dresses
Janhvi Kapoor stunned in a flowing maxi dress with a bold floral print, pairing it with minimal accessories and letting the dress take the spotlight.

Maxi dresses
Ananya Panday opted for a breezy and feminine maxi dress in a vibrant color, perfectly complementing her youthful and playful persona.

Maxi dresses
Priyanka Chopra showcased her elegant style in a flowy and ethereal maxi dress with a timeless pattern, radiating grace and charm.

Maxi dresses
Alia Bhatt embraced the bold and vibrant trend, donning a maxi dress with an eye-catching print that perfectly reflected her free-spirited personality.

To achieve a glamorous and comfortable summer look, consider adding maxi dresses to your wardrobe. Experiment with different prints, colors, and silhouettes to find the perfect maxi dress that allows you to express your personal style.

Benefits of Bollywood Maxi Dresses Tips for Styling Maxi Dresses
1. Breathable fabrics for hot weather 1. Opt for minimal accessories to let the dress shine
2. Flowy and comfortable silhouettes 2. Choose the right length for your body type
3. Versatile for both casual and formal occasions 3. Experiment with different hairstyles to complete the look
4. Bold prints and vibrant colors for a statement look 4. Accessorize with a clutch or statement earrings

Maxi dresses are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, offering a breezy and glamorous look inspired by Bollywood fashion. Take cues from Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Priyanka Chopra, and Alia Bhatt to create your own stunning summer ensembles. With their flowy and breathable fabrics, captivating prints, and bold colors, maxi dresses will make you feel like a true Bollywood diva wherever you go.

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Sarees with a Modern Twist

Sarees have always been a symbol of elegance and grace in Indian fashion, and Bollywood celebrities are taking this traditional attire to new heights with contemporary and stylish interpretations. Deepika Padukone, Rani Mukerji, and Janhvi Kapoor are leading the way by sporting saree looks that are both modern and glamorous. To add a touch of Bollywood-inspired fashion to your summer wardrobe, consider opting for sarees in breathable fabrics with bold prints and unique draping styles. Let’s dive into the world of Bollywood-inspired sarees and explore how you can achieve a contemporary and stylish look this summer.

Deepika Padukone: Redefining Elegance

“I love experimenting with sarees and adding my own twist to them. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.”

Deepika Padukone is known for her impeccable sense of style, and her saree choices are no exception. She effortlessly blends traditional elements with contemporary touches, creating captivating looks that are both stylish and glamorous. From intricate embroidery to unconventional draping styles, Deepika Padukone showcases the versatility of sarees and how they can be reinvented for the modern woman.

When choosing a Bollywood-inspired saree, take inspiration from Deepika Padukone’s bold and vibrant choices. Opt for sarees in breathable fabrics like georgette or chiffon with bold prints and colors. Experiment with different draping styles, such as the dhoti saree or the pre-draped saree, to add a modern twist to your traditional ensemble.

Rani Mukerji: Classic and Timeless

“Sarees are a timeless piece of clothing that never goes out of style. They have the power to make any woman feel confident and beautiful.”

Rani Mukerji is a true Bollywood icon, known for her elegant and classic style choices. She often turns to sarees for red carpet events and public appearances, showcasing the timeless beauty of this traditional attire. Rani Mukerji’s saree looks are characterized by their simplicity, grace, and attention to detail.

To channel Rani Mukerji’s classic and timeless style, opt for sarees in understated colors and minimal embellishments. Choose breathable fabrics like silk or linen for a comfortable and chic summer look. Keep the draping style traditional and let the saree’s beauty shine through. Add subtle accessories like statement earrings or a delicate necklace to complete your Bollywood-inspired ensemble.

Janhvi Kapoor: Youthful and Contemporary

“The best thing about sarees is that they can be reinvented in countless ways. It’s a garment that allows you to express your personal style and showcase your individuality.”

Janhvi Kapoor, the young and talented Bollywood actress, has an eclectic sense of style that perfectly reflects her generation. She often experiments with sarees, infusing them with contemporary elements and youthful energy. Janhvi Kapoor’s saree looks are characterized by their bold colors, unique draping styles, and modern silhouettes.

To achieve Janhvi Kapoor’s youthful and contemporary saree style, opt for sarees in bright and vibrant colors. Embrace bold prints and patterns to make a statement. Experiment with unconventional draping styles like the pant-style saree or the cape saree for a modern twist. Pair your saree with trendy accessories like statement belts or ethnic-inspired chokers to complete your Bollywood-inspired look.

No matter which Bollywood celebrity inspires you, remember that the key to pulling off a modern twist on the saree lies in finding a balance between tradition and contemporary elements. Choose breathable fabrics, embrace bold prints, and experiment with unique draping styles to create a truly glamorous and stylish look. Let your saree be a reflection of your personal style and showcase the beauty of Bollywood-inspired fashion.

Bollywood Celebrity Saree Style
Deepika Padukone Modern and vibrant sarees
Rani Mukerji Classic and timeless sarees
Janhvi Kapoor Youthful and contemporary sarees

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Stylish Midi Dresses for a Chic Silhouette

Midi dresses are a popular choice for summer fashion, and Bollywood-inspired trends are taking center stage. Celebrities like Shanaya Kapoor have been embracing this chic and trendy option, showcasing how midi dresses can elevate your summer wardrobe.

One of the standout features of Bollywood-inspired midi dresses is the use of floral motifs. These delicate prints add a touch of femininity and elegance to the outfit, creating a whimsical and romantic vibe. Whether it’s a vibrant floral pattern or a subtle botanical design, incorporating floral motifs into your midi dress creates a fresh and stylish look.

Breathable fabrics are another key element of Bollywood summer fashion trends. The use of lightweight and breathable materials ensures that midi dresses are comfortable to wear even on hot summer days. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and georgette allow for better airflow, keeping you cool and breezy while exuding effortless glamour.

Strappy designs are also making a statement in Bollywood-inspired midi dresses. Whether it’s thin spaghetti straps or trendy cut-out details, these unique features add a modern and fashionable touch to the silhouette. Embrace the strappy trend to enhance the overall look of your midi dress and create a head-turning outfit.

When it comes to styling, midi dresses offer versatility for various occasions. Dress them up with statement accessories and glamorous heels for a night out, or pair them with trendy sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual and chic daytime look.

In summary, midi dresses are a must-have for your summer wardrobe, and Bollywood-inspired trends provide the perfect inspiration to elevate your fashion game. With floral motifs, breathable fabrics, strappy designs, and endless styling possibilities, midi dresses offer a trendy and chic silhouette that exudes glamour in any summer setting.

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Statement Earrings and Jewelry

Complete your summer outfits with statement earrings and jewelry that add a touch of glamour and sophistication. This season, draw inspiration from Bollywood divas like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, who effortlessly carry bold and eye-catching accessories to elevate their looks.

Statement earrings and jewelry serve as the perfect finishing touches to your summer ensembles, making you stand out and exude confidence. Whether you’re attending a casual outdoor gathering or a glamorous evening event, the right accessories can transform your outfit into a true fashion statement.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion—as such, you should use them liberally.” – Anna Dello Russo

Deepika Padukone is known for her impeccable style and accessorizing game. Often seen sporting oversized hoops or intricately designed chandelier earrings, she effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and boldness to her outfits.

Alia Bhatt, on the other hand, embraces a more delicate and minimalist approach to statement earrings. She often opts for dainty studs or small drop earrings that complement her youthful and fresh looks.

To achieve a glamorous Bollywood-inspired look this summer, consider incorporating these must-have statement earrings and jewelry:

1. Bold Hoops

Embrace the classic yet trendy style of hoop earrings. Opt for oversized hoops in gold or silver tones to add a touch of sophistication and boldness to your summer outfits. Whether you pair them with a flowing maxi dress or a chic crop top and high-waisted shorts, bold hoops are sure to make a statement.

2. Chandelier Earrings

If you want to exude elegance and grace, chandelier earrings are the perfect choice. These long, dangling earrings with intricate designs and embellishments can instantly elevate your look. Pair them with a sleek updo or a flowy maxi dress for a red carpet-worthy appearance.

3. Statement Studs

For a more subtle yet eye-catching style, consider statement studs. These earrings feature unique and vibrant designs, adding a pop of color and personality to your overall look. Pair them with a simple white tee and jeans or a floral summer dress to let them shine.

The world of statement earrings and jewelry is vast and diverse, offering endless possibilities to experiment with different styles and designs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, play with colors and textures, and express your personality through your accessories.

Remember, bold and eye-catching accessories are key to achieving a glamorous Bollywood-inspired look this summer. Let your statement earrings and jewelry be the shining stars of your ensemble, making you feel confident, glamorous, and ready to take the fashion world by storm.

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Breathable Fabrics and Comfortable Silhouettes

Stay cool and comfortable during the summer season with breathable fabrics and comfortable silhouettes. Bollywood celebrities swear by fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, and organza to create trendy and chic looks that keep you cool in the heat.

When it comes to summer fashion trends, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between style and comfort. Bollywood-inspired outfits often feature breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Cotton is a go-to choice for many celebrities, thanks to its natural breathability and soft texture. Linen is another popular fabric that offers a lightweight and breezy feel, perfect for those hot summer days.

Georgette and organza are also favored by Bollywood divas for their lightweight and flowy nature. These fabrics not only keep you cool but also add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your summer wardrobe. Whether it’s a georgette saree or an organza dress, these fabrics are sure to make you feel comfortable and chic.

Incorporating breathable fabrics into comfortable silhouettes is key to achieving a trendy yet effortless summer look. Opt for loose and flowy silhouettes that allow air to circulate and prevent sweating. From oversized dresses to wide-leg pants, comfort is paramount without compromising on style.

Pairing breathable fabrics with comfortable silhouettes doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Bollywood fashion trends are known for their chic and glamorous appeal. Experiment with bold prints, vibrant colors, and trendy accessories to create a statement look that reflects your personal style.

The Benefits of Breathable Fabrics:

  • Offers improved air circulation
  • Prevents sweat buildup
  • Provides natural cooling effect
  • Reduces the risk of skin irritation
  • Feels soft and comfortable on the skin

“Breathable fabrics are essential for a comfortable and stylish summer wardrobe. They not only keep you cool but also allow you to make a fashion statement with trendy and chic outfits.” – Bollywood fashion expert

Take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities and embrace breathable fabrics and comfortable silhouettes this summer. Elevate your style with trendy and chic ensembles that keep you looking fashionable while staying cool and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics and silhouettes to create the perfect summer outfits that reflect your unique style and personality.

Popular Breathable Fabrics Characteristics Bollywood Celebrities
Cotton Natural, breathable, soft Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor
Linen Lightweight, breezy Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma
Georgette Flowy, lightweight Kriti Sanon, Priyanka Chopra
Organza Light, sheer, elegant Ananya Panday, Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bollywood Summer Fashion Trends: Bold Colors and Prints

Embrace the vibrant and glamorous summer season with bold colors and prints inspired by Bollywood fashion. Bollywood celebrities are known for their trendy and chic style, setting summer fashion trends that are admired by fashion enthusiasts around the world. Whether it’s vibrant floral patterns or bold geometric prints, Bollywood-inspired outfits are a perfect choice to make a style statement this summer. Let’s dive into the world of bold colors and prints and discover how you can incorporate them into your summer wardrobe.

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Vibrant Color Palettes

From eye-catching hues of red and yellow to electric blues and greens, Bollywood fashion embraces a wide range of vibrant colors during the summer season. Bold color palettes not only add an element of excitement to your outfits but also perfectly complement the sunny and joyful ambiance of the summer. Whether you opt for a statement dress in a vibrant shade or add pops of bold colors through accessories, such as handbags or shoes, you can effortlessly channel Bollywood’s glamorous and trendy style.

Eye-catching Prints

Bold prints are a hallmark of Bollywood summer fashion. Whether it’s floral prints, intricate geometrical patterns, or abstract art-inspired designs, the key is to go big and bold. From cute polka dots to exotic animal prints, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Mix and match prints to create a unique and stylish look, or go all out with a head-to-toe printed ensemble. Bollywood-inspired outfits often feature unique and statement-making prints that bring an extra touch of glamour to any summer occasion.

Chic and Trendy Styling

When it comes to styling your bold colors and prints, Bollywood fashion offers plenty of inspiration. Embrace chic and trendy silhouettes like midi dresses, jumpsuits, or wide-leg pants to let the vibrant colors and prints take center stage. Accessorize with bold and chunky jewelry, oversized sunglasses, and statement handbags to complete your glamorous Bollywood-inspired look. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and prints to create a unique and head-turning ensemble that embodies the spirit of Bollywood fashion trends.

Celebrities Rocking Bold Colors and Prints

Celebrity Outfit
Deepika Padukone A vibrant red saree with gold print
Alia Bhatt A bold floral print maxi dress
Priyanka Chopra A geometric patterned pantsuit
Janhvi Kapoor A colorful striped crop top with matching skirt

As you can see, Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, and Janhvi Kapoor are known for their fearless and stylish fashion choices when it comes to incorporating bold colors and prints into their summer outfits. Follow their lead and express your own unique style by experimenting with vibrant colors and eye-catching prints that reflect your personality and make you feel confident and glamorous.

Incorporating bold colors and prints into your summer wardrobe can instantly elevate your style and make you stand out in a crowd. Whether you choose an outfit that features vibrant colors or opt for a bold print, embrace the chic and glamorous side of Bollywood-inspired fashion and make a statement wherever you go this summer.


Bollywood takes on summer fashion with a range of stylish and trendy ensembles that can inspire your seasonal wardrobe refresh. Bollywood celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, and Priyanka Chopra serve as style icons, leading the way in the forefront of fashion. From crop tops and high-waisted bottoms to maxi dresses and sarees with a modern twist, Bollywood-inspired outfits are the perfect fashion inspiration for your summer goals.

By taking inspiration from these glamorous Bollywood celebrities, you can create the perfect summer outfits that keep you trendy, chic, and comfortable. Stay up-to-date with the latest fashion news and trends to stay in touch with the forefront of fashion. Follow your favorite Bollywood celebrities for the latest fashion inspiration and get ready to make heads turn with your Bollywood-inspired summer style.

Whether you want to try bold colors and prints or opt for comfortable yet stylish silhouettes, Bollywood fashion has something for everyone. Embrace the Bollywood fashion trends and let your summer wardrobe shine. With Bollywood at the forefront of fashion, you are sure to make a statement with your summer outfits.

So, get inspired by Bollywood celebrities, add a touch of their style to your summer wardrobe, and conquer the fashion world with your Bollywood-inspired fashion choices. Stay trendy, stay chic, and let Bollywood be your ultimate fashion inspiration this summer.


How can I incorporate Bollywood summer fashion trends into my wardrobe?

Take inspiration from Bollywood celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, and Priyanka Chopra to create the perfect summer outfits. Incorporate trendy elements such as crop tops, high-waisted bottoms, maxi dresses, sarees with a modern twist, stylish midi dresses, statement earrings, and jewelry. Experiment with breathable fabrics, bold colors, and prints to achieve a chic and glamorous look.

Which Bollywood celebrities are known for their summer fashion style?

Several Bollywood divas are known for their impeccable summer fashion style. Some notable names include Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Rani Mukerji, Shanaya Kapoor, and more. These celebrities serve as style inspirations for their trendy and glamorous summer outfits.

What are some essential items for a stylish summer wardrobe?

Some essential items for a stylish summer wardrobe include crop tops, high-waisted bottoms, maxi dresses, sarees, midi dresses, statement earrings, and jewelry. Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, and organza. Experiment with bold colors and prints to add a vibrant touch to your summer outfits.

How can I stay cool and comfortable during the summer season?

Stay cool and comfortable by choosing breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, georgette, and organza. Opt for comfortable silhouettes such as flowy maxi dresses, midi dresses, and sarees with a modern twist. These options will keep you chic and trendy while ensuring comfort in the heat.

Where can I find Bollywood-inspired summer outfits?

You can find Bollywood-inspired summer outfits in various fashion stores, both online and offline. Look for trendy fashion websites, boutiques, and fashion markets that offer a wide range of Bollywood-inspired fashion. You can also take inspiration from Bollywood fashion magazines and social media handles of Bollywood celebrities for fashion inspiration.