The Funniest Pics Of Cats Checking People From The Upside – Must See

Enlivened by and dedicated to the Ceiling Cat image, which I am sure you are familiar with, this rundown plans to additionally disentangle the secrets of god-like cats. Since you are an educated Word Wide Web client, dear per user, we’ll not harp on the set of experiences and origination of the Ceiling Cat image … Read more

25 Animals Whose Vivid Emotions Would Even Make Gloomy Gus Smile

A dog wagging its tail can mean that it’s happy, and cats can curl up on your lap and purr to show the same emotion. But some animals’ emotions don’t need any explanation because they’re so humanlike. Whether they feel hyper-joyful after getting a treat or going to a park, or extremely frustrated or judgy, it’s hard to not start thinking that they’re possessed somehow. Here at zgrnews we truly think that pets have … Read more

10 Riddles to Challenge Your Attentiveness

Riddles exist to not only challenge our abilities but also to entertain us. So if you are tired due to a long workday and feel the need to take a break, this little quiz will come to your rescue and freshen you up. We at zgrnews collected 10 riddles for you to check and see how attentive you are. 1. Can you spot the female emoji in the picture?

20 Cats Who Accidentally Broke Their “Default” Settings

Although cats, like humans, have different personalities, they have a lot in common when it comes to their behavior. A love for boxes and rustling packages, nightly races around the house, and attempts to assassinate houseplants — most cat-lovers know all about these things firsthand. But sometimes, these animals have truly inexplicable habits and traits that make their owners wonder if their pets are … Read more

20+ Times People Said “I Think My Pet Is Broken”

Pets are goofy. We all know this. But sometimes their goofiness overflows its banks and makes us ask “Is everything ok?” — like for example when your dog falls asleep on the couch like a dad, when your pet sits on your shoulder like a parrot, or when your cat brings sponges back from the hunt or climbs into a box and swims with you in the bathtub. … Read more

This Doggo Knows How to Bottle-Feed, Babysit, Make the Bed, and Help His Humans on the Farm

The video that shows a charming Australian Shepherd bottle-feeding a baby goat won the hearts of thousands of people who can’t stop wondering how a dog can possibly do something like that. The name of the dog in the video is Dusty, and he’s a smart, gifted pup who does so many things to help humans and make their lives happier, it’s hard to imagine. We at zgrnews asked Dusty’s owners to tell us how … Read more

We Are More Productive When We Look at Animal Pics at Work, a Study Suggests

Kawaii is a Japanese word for “cute” things, and recently it became a subject for research. A study was conducted by psychological scientists at Hiroshima University and it showed some really interesting results. Actually, it’s created a convincing excuse for those of us who shamelessly spare some work time to peep at cute animal photos. We at zgrnews thought it was necessary to share this good news with our readers, so here are the findings … Read more

19 Pets Who Made Their Owners Burst With Laughter

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10 Tips on How to Approach Dogs You Don’t Know in a Friendly Way

It can be exciting to meet a new dog when you’re walking down the street or at the park. No matter if they are big or small, some doggos can’t help but transmit joy and cuteness wherever they go, so much so that sometimes we can’t resist the temptation to approach them and pet them. However, if we do it in the wrong way, we might scare them and instead of having fun, we’ll end up with … Read more

What to Do If Your Pet Is Choking

They’re part of the family, but few of us know what to do to help them in an emergency. A sudden allergic reaction in our pet, for example, can swell their throat until it suffocates them. Or a simple bottle cork that was left lying around on the floor and later found by our furry friend could block their airways. They’re our loyal companions and, therefore, deserve our best … Read more