David Oliveira Creates Wire Animal Sculptures That Look Like Scribbled Pencil Drawings


Some of the most intriguing art looks like something different altogether, making the cerebrum and body do a twofold take. For example, the picture above looks like a jotted pencil drawing yet is definitely not. What you are taking a gander at is a wire creature design made by craftsman David Oliveira.

The Portuguese craftsman utilizes wire to attract the air, making unimaginable figures that resemble something different totally—particularly when captured. Your eye normally needs to accept that the photographs of these wire creature figures are written pencil drawings, yet you should look nearer to see reality. In actuality, the models look less like drawings but are still not quite the same as some other creature design you have seen previously, to a great extent mimicking the vibe of something hand drawn on paper.(*’s) imaginative foundation assumes a part in his exceptional craftsmanship. In a meeting on LinkedIn

Oliveira said, “First I got a degree in Sculpture with a strength in pottery. After the course finished I began to investigate wire, and this lead me to start an experts degree in creative life systems with an exceptional concentration in drawing. I continued building up my procedure, continually trying different things with better approaches to explain my message. Then my message got more extensive, yet with life as a typical topic. I need to address life in it’s vaporous expression.”OliveiraPictured underneath is a side perspective on a similar bird pictured above.



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