14 Real DIY Military Vehicles That Dominate The Battlefield

DIY Military Vehicles : Discover the captivating realm of DIY military vehicles dominating the battlefield! From narco tanks striking fear in Mexico to a surprising armored BMW Isetta with a powerful twist, these creations redefine innovation. Witness minigun-equipped motorbikes and covert rocket launchers hidden in plain sight, adding new dimensions to modern warfare. Step into the post-apocalyptic world with DIY zombie survival vehicles and be intrigued by the astonishing “Bottom Feeder” – a submarine-like art piece made from a vacuum cleaner. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through the audacious and imaginative world of DIY military marvels.

14. Mexican Car-Tels

Mexican Car-Tels
Mexican Car-Tels

In parts of rural Mexico, criminal cartels operate makeshift tanks known as “narco tanks.” These intimidating vehicles are often regular SUVs and trucks that have been heavily fortified with armor, turrets, and mounted weapons. The infamous Z Monster, built around a regular Ford F-350 truck, not only boasts an array of weaponry but also features a satellite communication system to outsmart law enforcement. Narco tanks strike fear into the hearts of those who encounter them, creating an unconventional and deadly presence on the city streets.

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