20 Dog Breeds Ready To Guard You With Their Life

Dogs make awesome friends, and they can also help keep you safe. Some dog breeds are extra good at protection because they have traits like confidence, strength, alertness, and smarts. While Dobermans and Rottweilers are often shown as tough guard dogs on TV, there are other brave breeds like Thai Ridgebacks and Belgian Laekenois. Check out the list below for different breeds that love to keep their humans secure.

20. Akitas Are Revered As Family Protectors

Akitas Are Revered As Family Protectors
Akitas Are Revered As Family Protectors

The Akita breed typically weighs around 100 pounds, boasting a sturdy build draped with a thick, luxurious coat. This unique combination not only enhances their physical strength but also positions them as excellent guard dogs. Originating in Japan, they carry a distinguished reputation as family protectors, originally bred for both hunting and safeguarding purposes.

This intrinsic instinct causes them to swiftly assume the role of your protector against unfamiliar dogs and strangers. However, amidst this vigilant demeanor, they reveal a tenderly playful side reserved for interactions with cherished family and friends.

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