When A Dog Gives Birth, Veterinarian Observes That The Puppies Are Not Puppies

Puppies : When a pregnant golden retriever that had been saved was brought to an animal shelter, a new worker named Macy decided to look after her. The vet had already told Macy that the puppies might not be healthy, based on an ultrasound. But when the time came, Macy was really surprised by the unusual ‘Cow’ puppies the golden retriever had. How could something like this occur?

Having A Child

Having A Child  (Puppies)
Having A Child (Puppies)

Macy woke up when she heard a loud howling downstairs. She knew it was the right time. Bella, the golden retriever, was about to have her puppies. Macy quickly got out of bed and hurried to Bella’s bed. They had gone through many things together, and seeing Bella in so much pain made Macy really sad…

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