Stunning Fantasy Worlds Created From Laser Cut Wood

laser cut wood

Photo Credit: Martin Tomsky/Etsy, Bored Panda

Freelance artist and visual craftsman Martin Tomsky is talented in the specialty of laser cutting wood. He makes everything from minuscule pendants and pins of little creatures complicatedly layered sculptural works portraying whole outlined scenes, including these especially staggering dream worlds.

Tomsky composes on Bored Panda that his fundamental advantages have consistently been drawing, nature and fantasies, which are the three essential fixings he uses to make his masterpieces. He explains:

“By developing layers of laser cut finished compressed wood, I make complex alleviation pieces that overcome any issues between art, representation and model. These works are basically drawings that have been brought off the page and into this present reality as a lasting type of storytelling.


“My deep rooted love of stories started when, at six years old, my sister read me The Hobbit. From that point forward I have consistently been enthusiastic about writing that assumes you to another position, especially dream and sci-fi. It’s constantly been my desire to make a whole world, with it’s own laws, rationale and nature. The common world is my greatest wellspring of motivation, from sitting on the floor watching David Attenborough narratives with my granddad to finding out about the universe in New Scientist. The powers that oversee life and shape the world have consistently interested me and give me a fundamental construction to assemble my own.”


The complexity of his work is astonishing and his pieces are so nitty gritty they are practically similar to 3D drawings produced using wood. You can discover more and even buy a significant number of them right on Etsy.


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