20+ Facts About Cats That Show These Fluffies From an Unexpected Side

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat-looking Goddess Bastet and seem to have passed the baton for adoring these purring 4-legged creatures to us. The entire internet continues to watch every move cats make and every funny thing they do. But what do we really know about cats? Are they as simple as they seem? We at zgrnews are in love with kitties that’s why we’ve decided to do a little investigation. Most cats … Read more

20 Cats Who Accidentally Broke Their “Default” Settings

Although cats, like humans, have different personalities, they have a lot in common when it comes to their behavior. A love for boxes and rustling packages, nightly races around the house, and attempts to assassinate houseplants — most cat-lovers know all about these things firsthand. But sometimes, these animals have truly inexplicable habits and traits that make their owners wonder if their pets are … Read more