10 Celebrities Whose Special Children Taught Them a Whole Different Kind of Love

Bringing up a youngster with extraordinary necessities can be something testing, yet in addition similarly fulfilling. It tests guardians in manners they couldn’t envision, yet it likewise shows them an entire distinctive universe of adoration and care. There are a few big names who understand what this resembles firsthand, and they have important astuteness to … Read more

20 Children Who Inherited Charm From Their Famous Dads

zgrnews is giving the famous phrase, “Like father, like son/daughter,” a reality check by collecting a list of people who resemble their famous parents and above all, their charming dads. 1. Alain and Alain-Fabien Delon 2. Bob and Ziggy Marley 3. Jamie and Corinne Foxx View this post on Instagram A post shared by Corinne Foxx (@corinnefoxx)

17 True-to-Life Illustrations Showing How Having Children Divides Life Into “Before” and “After”

Maria Zhivova is a mother of 2 children and a talented illustrator. In her comics, she shows her everyday life that any mother can relate to. The illustrations also prove the fact that life goes through serious changes after a child appears in one’s family. At zgrnews, we admire Maria’s work, and we never miss an opportunity to mull over the changes that happen in a woman’s life after having a new baby. … Read more

Why Parents in Cold Countries Let Their Children Take Naps Outdoors

Children sleeping outdoors in the winter is a common practice among families who live in Northern countries. While there aren’t many proven studies of the benefits and dangers of this practice, parents who keep their babies exposed to the open air have observed positive outcomes from letting their child sleep in the winter, al fresco. We at zgrnews respect various traditions and practices around the world. Sleeping outdoors, in particular, is one … Read more