20 Children Who Inherited Charm From Their Famous Dads

zgrnews is giving the famous phrase, “Like father, like son/daughter,” a reality check by collecting a list of people who resemble their famous parents and above all, their charming dads. 1. Alain and Alain-Fabien Delon 2. Bob and Ziggy Marley 3. Jamie and Corinne Foxx View this post on Instagram A post shared by Corinne Foxx (@corinnefoxx)

15+ Tweets From Moms and Dads That Are So Hilarious, It Almost Hurts

Nurturing is an all day, every day work, yet on the off chance that you need a little break from switching diapers or cleaning around wrecks, interesting nurturing tweets are most likely what you need at this moment. From entertaining purposes for baby fits to interesting tales about children’s rationale, they’ll ring a bell for … Read more

19 Epic Moments Only Moms and Dads Can Relate To

Once a man posted a strange collage on Twitter and wrote that he and his wife had been saving up to pay for a football match. But when they started to look for their envelope with $1,060 in it they just couldn’t find it anywhere. Turned out their 2-year-old son had put the envelope with their money into a shredder. Fortunately, the couple’s favorite football team found out … Read more