17 True-to-Life Illustrations Showing How Having Children Divides Life Into “Before” and “After”

Maria Zhivova is a mother of 2 children and a talented illustrator. In her comics, she shows her everyday life that any mother can relate to. The illustrations also prove the fact that life goes through serious changes after a child appears in one’s family. At zgrnews, we admire Maria’s work, and we never miss an opportunity to mull over the changes that happen in a woman’s life after having a new baby. … Read more

11 wonderfully amusing illustrations every woman will understand

Sometimes it seems like men and women can never be on the same page. Some women don’t see the sense in men getting so excited when they watch sports. In the same way, men can’t fathom the reason why girls get so embarrassed when they meet another woman wearing the same dress at a formal party. In fact, we all live in our own world — a world that … Read more