Why Parents in Cold Countries Let Their Children Take Naps Outdoors

Children sleeping outdoors in the winter is a common practice among families who live in Northern countries. While there aren’t many proven studies of the benefits and dangers of this practice, parents who keep their babies exposed to the open air have observed positive outcomes from letting their child sleep in the winter, al fresco. We at zgrnews respect various traditions and practices around the world. Sleeping outdoors, in particular, is one … Read more

Artist Transforms Parents’ Home Into What May Be the Coolest Haunted House Ever

Photo Credit: Christine McConnell/Facebook You’ve likely heard it previously, however genuine, this must be the coolest frequented house at any point made. Gifted craftsman and picture taker Christine McConnell disclosed to SF Gate that she was as of late watching the film “Beast House” when she understood her folks’ Southern California home had the ideal … Read more