20+ Absurd Photos Showing How Crazy the Subway Is

20+ Absurd Photos Showing How Crazy the Subway Is

The average person spends around 38 minutes commuting to their workplace every day. That’s up to 300 hours per year just to get to and from work. With so much time spent in a public place, it’s not surprising that things get a little crazy sometimes. At zgrnews we believe that subway commuters truly have the upper hand when it comes to daily live entertainment. Don’t believe us? Well, maybe these goofy subway … Read more

20 Behind-the-Scenes Photos That Show Iconic Films From a New Angle

Green screens, funny costumes with motion capture sensors, stunt doubles, and tons of makeup — our favorite films and TV shows look far from being colorful and epic during the production process. And a huge team of people has to put in a lot of effort in order for viewers to see the final result. We at ZGRNEWS like to learn how the magic of cinema is created, so we tried to unveil this secret … Read more

18 Photos Showing How Animals Can Take a Nap Absolutely Anywhere

Cats can sleep 12 hours a day, dogs — 10 hours, and opossums — 18 hours. And the place doesn’t matter when you’re in dreamland. The head of your owner, a shoe, or right on the street — any of these places is as good and comfortable as the next for our adorable animals. We at ZGRNEWS are in love with animals and their snores, so we decided to share 18 new pics of their sweet slumber with you. 1. “I’m a horse … Read more

20+ Tender Photos That’ll Warm You Up on the Coldest Day

20+ Tender Photos That’ll Warm You Up on the Coldest Day

No matter how sad you might be some days, looking at pictures with animals can cheer you up within minutes. This activity releases oxytocin, the happy hormone, that lets the magic happen. By the end of this article, you’ll likely have a big smile on your face because the adorableness of a newborn otter or a child hugging a baby goat is so moving, your hormones will feel as if they’re about to burst. … Read more

20+ Photos Showing The Mesmerizing Power of Snow

Photos Showing The Mesmerizing Power of Snow

For some, winter is about cold and sadness; for others, it’s all about building snowmen, jumping into snowdrifts, and searching for frosty patterns on windows in the morning. If you’re the second type, this article is definitely for you. Watching how snow piles up on someone’s eyelashes or how a blizzard during the night creates curious forms… There are some things no cold weather could … Read more

20+ Strangers Who Busted Into Other People’s Photos and Made Them Even Better

It is believed that spontaneous photos are the most emotional, but when there are complete strangers in your photos, the results are extremely funny. zgrnews offers you to take a look at photos that became masterpieces thanks to some extravagant characters. Who can find the odd character who actually looks very cool? “My girlfriend and I finally got the shot of our dreams.” Photobombed by DiCaprio It’s … Read more

Photographer Removes Phones From Photos To Highlight Our Terrible Addiction

How dependent would you say you are to your mobile phone? The genuine answer may shock you. “Removed” is an amazing photograph project by American photographic artist Eric Pickergill that features our repulsive dependence on cell phones in a totally different manner. Pickergill eliminates telephones and other computerized gadgets from his photographs and thus presents … Read more