18 Dogs That Instantly Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

MOST people are very acceptable at thoroughly considering outcomes prior to participating in a specific activity, yet that doesn’t mean we generally think things through. My life is loaded with minutes where I’ve been stuck in the mud and thought—’Why in the hell did I do that?’ The more seasoned I get the less frequently … Read more

Stunning Fantasy Worlds Created From Laser Cut Wood

Photo Credit: Martin Tomsky/Etsy, Bored Panda Freelance artist and visual craftsman Martin Tomsky is talented in the specialty of laser cutting wood. He makes everything from minuscule pendants and pins of little creatures complicatedly layered sculptural works portraying whole outlined scenes, including these especially staggering dream worlds. Tomsky composes on Bored Panda that his fundamental … Read more

Floral Designers Transform Condemned Detroit Duplex With Thousands of Flowers

Photo Credit: Heather Saunders,  Flower House This past end of the week, Lisa Waud’s vision of a since quite a while ago deserted house reconsidered and wearing thousands of sprouts was acknowledged to phenomenal impact. Last November, the flower specialist had gone to a public sale at which she bought an unwanted house in Detroit, … Read more

Artist Transforms Parents’ Home Into What May Be the Coolest Haunted House Ever

Photo Credit: Christine McConnell/Facebook You’ve likely heard it previously, however genuine, this must be the coolest frequented house at any point made. Gifted craftsman and picture taker Christine McConnell disclosed to SF Gate that she was as of late watching the film “Beast House” when she understood her folks’ Southern California home had the ideal … Read more

Photographer Removes Phones From Photos To Highlight Our Terrible Addiction

How dependent would you say you are to your mobile phone? The genuine answer may shock you. “Removed” is an amazing photograph project by American photographic artist Eric Pickergill that features our repulsive dependence on cell phones in a totally different manner. Pickergill eliminates telephones and other computerized gadgets from his photographs and thus presents … Read more

Rare Albino Animals Prove You Don’t Need Color to Look Spectacular

Photo Credit: redbubble.net Considering the myriad of beautiful colors we see in the animal kingdom, seeing a purely white animal is practically a surreal experience. In fact, sometimes creatures born with no color at all can be the most stunning of all. These rare albino animals, with white fur and pink eyes are often hard … Read more