15+ Kitties That Will Put a Smile on Your “Monday Morning” Face

The rushed lives we lead these days will in general welcome on a lot of pressure and stress. Interestingly, there are numerous approaches to battle it that everybody decides for themselves. In any case, there is one all inclusive strategy that can support the mind-set of the gloomiest individual: kitties, particularly on the off chance … Read more

20+ Facts About Cats That Show These Fluffies From an Unexpected Side

Ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat-looking Goddess Bastet and seem to have passed the baton for adoring these purring 4-legged creatures to us. The entire internet continues to watch every move cats make and every funny thing they do. But what do we really know about cats? Are they as simple as they seem? We at zgrnews are in love with kitties that’s why we’ve decided to do a little investigation. Most cats … Read more

What Your Favorite Disney Stars Look Like Today

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8 Phrases to Avoid and 8 to Use Instead If You Want to Raise a Resilient Child

8 Phrases to Avoid and 8 to Use Instead If You Want to Raise a Resilient Child

Childhood adversity may become a reason for the development of psychological problems in adulthood, psychologists say. That’s why it’s important to raise our children in a comfortable, safe environment. However, sometimes this can be difficult, as even a seemingly innocent phrase may badly influence a kid. We at zgrnews collected a list of phrases you’d better avoid using when speaking to your child and came up with alternative phrases that will help you … Read more