The Funniest Pics Of Cats Checking People From The Upside – Must See

Enlivened by and dedicated to the Ceiling Cat image, which I am sure you are familiar with, this rundown plans to additionally disentangle the secrets of god-like cats. Since you are an educated Word Wide Web client, dear per user, we’ll not harp on the set of experiences and origination of the Ceiling Cat image yet rather contemplate on the actual cats.

First off, this catlike interest of our own. Okay, okay, I know… You believe I will discuss the old Egyptians, their embalmed cats, and the cat goddesses like Bastet, Sekhmet, and Mafdet. Yet, just to enliven the “cats as gods” conversation, I’m including cat-divine beings from other antiquated societies too. As far as one might be concerned, there’s ‘The Ovinnik’ — a soul in Slavic folklore that involves the state of a dark, searing looked at cat. When full-bellied, it’s an incredible defender of the outbuilding and the animals housed there, very much like an ordinary cat. However, hardship to the people who let Ovinnik’s belly murmur as the soul will eat their creatures and set structures burning. Or then again take the Norse goddess Freyja for example: her magnificent chariot was pulled not by simple horses but rather by two goliath dim cats. It’s said that individuals left snacks for these cats so they wouldn’t make a feast out of their youngsters by the same token. As should be obvious, cats have consistently involved a unique spot among the heavenly, so changing to the masters of The Internet is the following legitimate advance.

Since effortlessness is a definitive sophistication, Internet cats have dropped their plated capes and precious stone hooks, continuing on to fundamental things that would reverberate better with wide-peered toward humans all things considered. Furthermore, at last, draw out their sway over us. Presently we have a similar god-like cats being adulated for their adorableness, notorious cat-rationale, and general nonsense — you know, the basic stuff of a cat’s presence. Like relinquishing any old propensity, however, dropping your status as a god sure ain’t simple. Now and again, we see an apparently charming cat helping us to remember its power by possessing the most noteworthy conceivable spot in our homes and burning us with their somber gazes. In the event that you actually don’t have a grip of this present post’s subject by perusing it hitherto, I welcome you to look down beneath and see our assortment of Ceiling Cat photographs! Call them senseless cats, interesting, or even dumb; where it counts, you realize that main heavenly creatures can be so engaging, so astounding, and genuine simultaneously!

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Hello From Above


I Spy With My Little Eye


Ceiling Cat Watches You Shop


Hangin Out


Just Moved Into A New Apartment With 15 Foot Ceilings. Woke Up On Morning One And Couldn’t Find My Cat Anywhere. Then I Looked Up


A Photo Sent By A Colleague


My Kitten Has Turned Into A Danger Cat – I think his goal is to get to the ceiling light. He spent 3 minutes on top of the bathroom door weighing his options. In the end, I had to rescue him.


Early This Morning I Couldn’t Find Nacho – I was calling and calling him and he wasn’t in his usual hiding spots. Then I just saw a tiny orange head looking down at me from the ceiling. 


So A Cat Decided To Sit On Our Ceiling Window Today


Simon Oversees His Mother’s Repairs


Ceiling Cat


Fernanda Torres, Ceiling Cat


He’s Like A Cat Hanger


I Know What You Did And Where You Hid It


Kora Channeling Her Inner Ceiling Cat


Dada’s Not Here So I Can Do Eeeverything I Want


I Heard A Rustle Of The Treat Packet



I Can Halp Electrishun?


My Mom’s Cat Likes To Get Into The Dropped Ceiling And Lay On The Panels


My Cat Broke A Small Piece Of Our Drop Ceiling Tile Off


Black Magic


Views From My Bed


It’s Almost 1:30 Am Here, And I Just Found A Cat In My Ceiling


 Shout Out To This Mofo Who Crawled Into The Kitchen Ceiling On His First Day Home


Winnie Got Stuck In The Ceiling Yesterday


Stop Looking To The Ceiling


When I Looked Up, There Was A Shinobi


How I Noticed That My Cat Was Stuck In The Attic


I Walked Into Some Antique Shop And Saw This Cat Poking His Head Through A Hole In The Ceiling


Cat Stuck In The Ceiling


Cat Shocks Mom By Learning To Climb On The Ceiling Like A Spider


This Cat


The Master Who Will Break The Hole From The Ceiling Every Day And Fall From The Sky!


Ceiling Cat Is Always Watching


Trapped Cat


Over The Last Week Our Kitten Has Discovered She Can Climb – If you don’t want your cat to climb on your counters and high places in your home, Molly said you’ll need to provide them with alternatives. “I have wall steps leading to shelves and cat beds above my windows and our cat, Pico de Gato, spends hours sleeping high above our heads. There are many surface deterrents, such as sonic sound mats and sharp/pointed mats, but I don’t recommend using a deterrent (of any kind) without first providing an alternative.”
She added: “I’ve always said, ‘you can’t tell a cat no—you have to show it what you want it to do instead’—which means the responsibility falls on you to provide adequate alternatives that allow them to express their natural behaviors.”


Classics From My Phone


Tent Cat 


I Was Browsing The Books In This Small Secluded Book Store When I Heard Something Above My Head

Many studies have been done about how far cats can fall without sustaining injury. “These studies suggest cats can fall as far as 20 stories (over 200 feet) and survive with little to no injuries. However, you wouldn’t want to put this theory to the test; cats can fall about eight feet without injury,” the cat behaviorist warned.


Umbrella Cat Is Watching You


Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does


I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This – Assuming you’ve at any point thought about why your cat can move to the statures so nimbly and easily, with the exception of those uncommon startling tumbles from the top counter, Molly said you need to take a gander at their life systems. “A cat’s sharp, solid paws, and strong rump, make climbing simple for them.”
Additionally, cats have an insane feeling of equilibrium and are unthinkably adaptable, Molly said. “At the point when they fall, they bend and land on their feet (thus the expression ‘consistently land on your feet’); this is known as a ‘correcting reflex.’ While all cat breeds, including our cherished DSH (homegrown shorthairs), love to climb, the Savannah and Bengal breeds appear to show a more grounded affinity for climbing.”


My Girlfriend’s Cat, Orange. Put Him In The Attic To Hunt For Mice And Now He Doesn’t Want To Come Back Down


Is It You Whomst Pspspsps’d Me ?


Just A Cat Hanging Out


I’m A Plumber Working In A Ceiling Void Under A Leaking Shower And I Have Been Greeted By A Curious Kitty


Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works