20 Times Snakes Messed With The Wrong Opponent

When you watch a documentary about snakes, you tend to notice a few things about them. One of those is their incredible confidence. It’s almost like these slithering reptiles are just so confident in their venom and squeezing ability that they feel like they can take on any other animal. Here’s the thing though, confidence can only take you so far, and for many snakes, there comes a time when they just meet an opponent that proves to be more than a match for them. The result, as you can imagine, tends to be disastrous for these creepy crawly creatures. Join us as we have a look at 20 times that snakes messed with the wrong opponent.

20. Monitor Lizard Chomps A Rattlesnake

Monitor Lizard Chomps A Rattlesnake
Monitor Lizard Chomps A Rattlesnake

Despite being one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, the rattlesnake couldn’t intimidate Dino, the monitor lizard. Thanks to Dino’s immunity to certain snake venom, he fearlessly took on the challenge and effortlessly defeated the rattlesnake, making it his satisfying meal. In this thrilling encounter, nature’s unique adaptations showcased the delicate balance of predator and prey in the animal kingdom.

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