Top 10 Countries In The World To Study Abroad – 2022

5 – Switzerland

When it comes to natural beauty, look no further. Switzerland is famed for its captivating landscapes – so stunning that many may find it hard to believe they’re real! Numerous mountain climbing trails throughout the nation will take you to breathtaking vistas of lakes, forests, and verdant mountains – making for an unparalleled skiing experience! Skiers rejoice! They have found paradise! Switzerland may be best-known for its cheese, chocolate, watches and cuts; but perhaps its most iconic landmarks are the Swiss Alps which provide breathtaking mountain vistas and abundant mountain sports opportunities. Expect urban areas to also amaze. Visit Zurich and Geneva for their bustling urban environments; sail your kayak across Interlaken; hang-glide over Interlaken; or wander Bern’s historic Old Town for a unique adventure experience. Switzerland boasts an international population with easy access from any part of Europe – perfect for satisfying any inner explorer! If language enthusiast you won’t be disappointed; listen out for Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, Swiss-German and even Romansh being spoken along your walks around city streets – Bainvegni!

4 – US

No doubt about it: the United States of America is one of the most diverse and multicultural countries on Earth. Each state boasts different landscapes, subcultures, histories and stories that make navigating its diversity an exciting challenge. Discover all that this stunning country has to offer within one American expedition: forested mountains, rolling fields, sparkling shorelines and magnificent ravines are just waiting to be explored! No matter if it be Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami or Honolulu – each offers plenty of exciting entertainment opportunities as you discover its distinct energy – not forgetting American (or at least “Americanized”) cuisine! Search out California for its delicious tacos, the South for singed chicken, and don’t forget about Chicago and New York in their pizza rivalry! As a student at one of the finest schools in America, you will observe that even universities feature an eclectic blend of societies; domestic and international students coming from diverse backgrounds all present equal footing. Aren’t these diverse experiences the ideal opportunities for growth and change? Make America your new home!

3 – Germany

Germany stands third globally and first in Europe due to various reasons. Stretching from its Baltic coastline all the way into Bavaria mountains, Germany boasts every European landscape possible – ideal for all seasons of the year. No matter the depths of your experience, no matter where it takes place in Germany you’ll encounter remnants of its past in every corner. From Berlin Divider monuments and Holocaust commemoration sites in cities to Eltz and Neuschwanstein Palaces located out in the country side – each will bring history alive! Visit the Black Forest for some imaginative stimulation, or discover your way along Hamburg’s picturesque waterways before enjoying biergartens at Munich’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations. Germans may be the biggest bread lovers in Europe, and their currywurst, schnitzel and doner kebab are indeed delicious treats! Studying at one of Germany’s premier universities will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

2 – Canada

Canadian terrain boasts an immense diversity in natural wonders, from desert dunes and rugged mountains, forested lakes and frozen masses – so an exceptional camera is indispensable. Canada is home to two distinct languages – French and English are widely spoken – making it one of the best places in which to familiarise oneself with another dialect on Earth. However, Canada is an extremely multicultural nation and you will likely hear other dialects as well, including those spoken by Native people groups of Canada. You’re sure to encounter warm welcomes and friendly smiles wherever you go here despite differences in languages – explore Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal’s vibrant urban communities before heading off into Banff, Whistler or Halifax for breathtaking natural wonders; Canada seems like an excellent spot for studying?

1 – Australia

Australia (or “Straya,” as Australians refer to it) overtook Canada as the top study abroad destination of 2022. With nine distinct districts and twenty UNESCO World Legacy destinations such as the Incredible Barrier Reef, Tasmanian Wild, and Uluru-Customized organization Tjuta Public Park there’s so much to discover. Visit the Daintree, Broome’s red sand sea shores and turquoise waters and the Incomparable Sea Street for breathtaking scenery and limestone precipices to behold. Are you learning to surf? Visiting all three destinations offers the ideal setting. Hit Masculine after class in Sydney or head out of Margaret Waterway or Perth for some of the world’s finest waves. Or head city side and experience Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne’s vibrant music scenes – each one offering something different! Find bars and bistros across Australia, as well as an abundance of diverse societies – including Australia’s Native heritage – welcoming guests of all backgrounds. So put on your sunglasses, pack your suitcase, and get to Australia now to discover why Australia is our #1 pick this year!