What 7 Human Body Parts Would Look Like If They Were Designed Perfectly

5. Legs and feet

We have an excessive number of bones (26) in every one of our feet, which makes them inclined to agony and injury. This is on the grounds that our gorilla like progenitors required them to snatch and clutch branches. Nonetheless, at the present time, we needn’t bother with them for that.

Solution: We ought to have ostrich feet, which have less bones. What you see on an ostrich isn’t in reverse knees, yet rather, lower leg joints. This makes their feet less inclined to injury and assists them with running quick.

6. Throat

We can undoubtedly stifle since we just have a little tissue fold that covers our windpipe. At the point when we swallow, that fold tissue (epiglottis) covers the (windpipe) all together for the food to really go down the food pipe (throat) and arrive at the stomach. All things considered, gagging happens when the fold tissue doesn’t respond on schedule.

Solution: We’d need to enable up to talk. Since, supposing that we didn’t have the epiglottis route in the rear of our mouths, we could eat without agonizing over stifling, however we’d need to surrender our voice box (larynx).

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