What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

Toe walking can be normal for children aged 12 to 15 months as they try out different foot positions. In general, toe walking is nothing to worry about until your child turns 2 years old. Apart from discovering ways of moving, toe walking can stay as a habit that children keep doing over and over. Usually, this stops by the age of 5. However, due to various reasons, toe walking can still be common in children of older ages.

zgrnews always cares about the health of our readers and this time, we feel the need to make clear why toe walking occurs. Be sure to take notes as you read!

It can be a special condition.

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

If your child doesn’t stop their constant toe walking after the age of 2, you might need to see a doctor. Check your child’s feet first to see if they have tight leg muscles, stiffness in the Achilles tendon, or have a hard time with coordination.

Muscular dystrophy can be the cause.

What It Means When Your Kid Walks on Their Toes

This is a genetic condition that can be diagnosed by checking a child’s leg and feet muscles. In this case, their muscles are usually weak and atrophied. If your child used to walk straight with a normal pattern and then all of a sudden started walking on their toes, muscular dystrophy might be the cause.

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