Why People in Japan Sleep on the Floor and 5 Reasons to Give It a Try

If you grew up in a Western country, you are probably used to sleeping curled up on a soft bed. But when you walk into a Japanese bedroom, chances are you won’t even find a bed. There are many reasons why the Japanese prefer to get their z’s on the floor, and it’s not just a tradition or for space-saving reasons in small apartments. Turns out, sleeping on the ground has some pretty impressive health benefits.

We at zgrnews admire Japan for so many reasons, and the fact that it has become the world’s most long-lived country made us think about the reasons behind its centuries-long tradition of floor-sleeping.

1. It may relieve back pain.

Sleeping on a hard, flat surface is good for your back, and may free you of pain that’s been with you for years. While sleeping on a soft bed surely feels comfy, your mattress may start to sink down over time, causing your spine to curve and leading to back pain. In fact, medical experts even recommend placing plywood under your mattress if it’s too soft. Sleeping on the floor will also keep your spine aligned and prevent your body from twisting into an unnatural position.