Why Society Doesn’t Allow Women to Age and Makes Them Look 20 at 35

Women have always wanted to look good — Cleopatra took baths in milk and Roman women spent many hours in saunas to moisturize their skin. All women want to look beautiful and young. But today, being young is something that people worship and signs of aging are something to be ashamed of. Getting rid of wrinkles, dying their silver hair, and hiding drooping necks and arms underneath clothing are all more common than ever before. But why has natural aging in the female body become so taboo?

zgrnews has figured out who’s to blame for women being so scared of aging. As it turns out, hating your imperfections is very profitable for many companies today.

It’s natural for us to reject the idea of getting older.

Why Society Doesn’t Allow Women to Age and Makes Them Look 20 at 35

Aging is an intrinsic part of our lives. And it seems to be the saddest part. We’re scared of aging because it’s accompanied by disease and helplessness, the body becomes flabby, and the memory turns unreliable.

Scientists say that we’re trained to dislike aging by evolution. Evolution made us able to determine by smellif someone is able to have children. From nature’s point of view, a person who can’t make children is useless.

However, aging is a bigger danger for women than men. Aside from health issues, women are supposed to “age with grace”. This means that a woman over 40 years old has to hide her grey hair and wrinkles and keep her body in shape. And there are hundreds of other “must-dos” which are often mutually exclusive: if you don’t do botox injections, you don’t care about yourself, and if you do, you look like a plastic doll.

Aging is scary, and if you’re a woman, it’s also embarrassing. The modern cult of youth prohibits us to look our age. Even Hollywood stars such as Gillian Anderson are criticized by some people: viewers aren’t willing to accept one’s natural appearance.

Of course, regular women have tougher lives: we’re used to thinking that life is over once you’re older than 30. Even fashion magazines recommend young women to start using anti-aging beauty products at the age of 20 and battle wrinkles long before they even appear. From a very young age, girls are sure that old age is something unpleasant and off-putting. But the fear of aging doesn’t appear on its own. There are specific people and situations that are to blame for making women afraid of aging.