Best 6 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

No car can exist without insurance, but that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With these tips from Zgrnews that will help reduce auto insurance costs and keep your wallet happy.

Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

1) Ask About Discounts

Ask About Discounts
Ask About Discounts

Before getting car insurance, the first thing you should do is inquire about discounts. There are various ways you could save money with car insurance such as taking defensive driving courses or installing safety features into your vehicle, or driving less costly models (both could result in lower repair and replacement costs), driving safer drivers ( who could lead to lower rates), or simply being an excellent driver who may also help lower premium costs; ask about every discount possible as this will enable you to Cut Auto Insurance Costs

2) Shop Around And Negotiate

Are You Staying with the Same Insurance Company For Years?? : Unfortunately, staying with one company and failing to shop around could cost you in terms of getting the best rate possible. Shopping around by getting quotes and rates from at least three or four providers will help make sure that you get the most economical plan available – most insurance providers even provide free online quotes so it doesn’t require travel time!

Make sure to get quotes from each company so you know exactly how much your monthly premiums will be. If your current payment exceeds what is affordable for you, negotiate for a lower rate by calling and asking. Many insurance providers offer discounted rates if asked directly; call during off hours such as early morning or before 5 p.m. so you won’t end up in an endless queue on the phone!

3) Drive Carefully

Drive Carefully.
Drive Carefully

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to lower your car insurance rates if your insurance provider raises them. Conversely, however, driving safely won’t lower them just because your payments have been late or damages occurred without proper coverage; neither will driving recklessly cause them to decrease.

Auto insurance companies rely on something called the comprehensive loss ratio rating system to decide how much to charge you for auto coverage. Your accident history and frequency of car crashes play a big part in this rating. Driving safely will make you appear lower risk; therefore resulting in reduced premium payments.

4) Change Your Car’s Features

If you want to reduce your car insurance rates, considering adding certain features. These could include anti-lock brakes (ABS), airbags, traction control and automatic door locks; auto insurance companies often give discounts for having these in place.

Additional features that can help reduce car insurance rates include installing a rear-view camera and using a hands-free device for your phone, as well as installing an anti-lock brakes (ABS) feature into a new car – these could all help lower premiums significantly! Adding these extras could see significant savings on monthly payments!

5) Get An Anti-theft Device

Finally, to lower your car insurance rates you can install an anti-theft device. Depending on which one you select, it may provide discounts; such devices as car alarms or devices attached to steering wheels could help.

Other devices, like kill switches, may only reduce your rates if you own a higher-end car. Some insurance companies will automatically offer you discounts if there is something in place to prevent car theft; others provide one or more anti-theft devices in your car as a discount; if your rates are particularly high it might be worth calling them up and asking about any discounts for having anti-theft devices installed.

6) Pay Your Bill On Time

Pay your bill on time
Pay your bill on time

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Insurance companies consider your credit when setting rates, so if your score falls below a certain threshold it may be difficult to obtain lower premiums on car insurance. One key way of improving your score is paying your bill on time each month – this can increase your score considerably!

As such, it may also be one of the best ways to lower your car insurance rates. If you’re having difficulty making car payments, setting up a payment plan might help avoid getting behind. With good credit scores it might even be worthwhile asking your insurer if they offer reduced premium rates if paying upfront – all this helps lower auto insurance costs!

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Bottom Line

With just a few small changes, it is possible to experience significant savings on car insurance premiums. Be sure to ask about discounts, shop around, and change cars to reduce rates. If payments are becoming difficult for you, look into setting up payment plans or refinancing. Driving safely and responsibly may even help lower premiums!