25 Animals Whose Vivid Emotions Would Even Make Gloomy Gus Smile

A dog wagging its tail can mean that it’s happy, and cats can curl up on your lap and purr to show the same emotion. But some animals’ emotions don’t need any explanation because they’re so humanlike. Whether they feel hyper-joyful after getting a treat or going to a park, or extremely frustrated or judgy, it’s hard to not start thinking that they’re possessed somehow. Here at zgrnews we truly think that pets have … Read more

What Types of Animals Can Swim Into Your Toilet, and How to Stop It From Happening

Crossing paths with horrifying uninvited guests, such as rats or snakes, is bad enough on its own, which is a sentiment we can all likely get behind. However, the situation sometimes turns into a real-life horror movie when this happens in your own toilet. Here at ZGRNEWS, we want you to be certain that such misfortune will never become a part of your life, which is why we’ve prepared some information … Read more

18 Photos Showing How Animals Can Take a Nap Absolutely Anywhere

Cats can sleep 12 hours a day, dogs — 10 hours, and opossums — 18 hours. And the place doesn’t matter when you’re in dreamland. The head of your owner, a shoe, or right on the street — any of these places is as good and comfortable as the next for our adorable animals. We at ZGRNEWS are in love with animals and their snores, so we decided to share 18 new pics of their sweet slumber with you. 1. “I’m a horse … Read more

25 Tender Comics Showing What Could Happen if Animals Had Human Relationships

If, on some occasions, we come across animals walking down the street, on a trip to the seaside, in a refuge or protected area, or even in books or on the internet, we usually see them as a complement to the beautiful scenery that nature gives us. But few, if any, of us wonder how they relate to each other and how they would relate if they actually had the emotional and social traits of human beings. … Read more

Panther Abandoned By Its Mother Grows Up With A Human And Rottweiler

Luna is a lovable puma that was brought into the world in a zoo in Siberia. For some obscure explanation, her mom totally dismissed her and wouldn’t give her genuinely necessary milk and care. Luna’s odds for enduring were thin, however fortunately, an astonishing lady acted the hero. The lady had insight with raising huge … Read more

Rare Albino Animals Prove You Don’t Need Color to Look Spectacular

Photo Credit: redbubble.net Considering the myriad of beautiful colors we see in the animal kingdom, seeing a purely white animal is practically a surreal experience. In fact, sometimes creatures born with no color at all can be the most stunning of all. These rare albino animals, with white fur and pink eyes are often hard … Read more